Enrollment » Kinder Enrollment (2024-25 School Year)

Kinder Enrollment (2024-25 School Year)

CDC Kinder Enrollment

*March is priority CDC enrollment


Steps to Enroll in the C.D.C. Kinder Program:

  1. Enroll at your elementary home school in March. If you do not know your home school you can look it up through my school locator at http://locator.decisioninsite.com/?StudyID=162052
  2. Once Enrollment is complete at your home school get/request the CDC kindergarten enrollment request form from the elementary school staff confirming your enrollment. (it will be sent through Informed K-12)
  3. Complete and submit the CDC request form through Informed K-12 as soon as possible, in the month of March to receive CDC enrollment paperwork.
  4. Once the signed form is received in our office we will send you an enrollment packet via Informed K-12 for enrollment in our CDC kindergarten program.
  5. Submit the completed CDC kindergarten enrollment packet and mail a $150.00 non-refundable processing fee (check or cashier’s check) to the main CDC office, located at 1401 Inglewood Ave, Redondo Beach, no later than the last business day in March. Include your child’s name and school in the memo.


*Priority enrollment is not complete until we receive your processing fee.*



  • School of Choice - If you request School-of-Choice, CDC will not be able to transfer your enrollment. We will only hold a space at your home school. (exception only for Dual Immersion and TK programs)