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Enrollment Changes

Can I make changes to my contract?

If you would like to change your contract, you will need to contact the main office to confirm there is sufficient space in your child’s classroom to make the requested change. Once this is confirmed, a new contract needs to be submitted to the main office. Any contract changes that affect fees will not become effective until the 1st of the following month. Contract changes that do not affect fees will be processed within 72 hours of submission of a new contract.


What if we need to attend an extra day?

If you need your child to attend a day he/she is not contracted you will need to contact the main office to confirm space is available. If available you will receive written confirmation via email. Please be aware that additional school days will be charged an additional fee.


How do I withdraw from the program?

Families must provide a two week written notice prior to the last day of service to the main office, in order for their deposits to be applied.