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Supervisor's Message

 I am the Site Supervisor at Lincoln Child Development Center. I have an extensive Early Child Development background and have been with the Redondo Beach Unified School District for over twenty-seven years.
I look at every day as a wonderful opportunity to make a difference and a positive impact in the lives of children. My goal is to meet the need of "The Whole Child", by representing our mission statement "...providing a safe, nurturing, and enriching environment that promotes education and social growth". I look forward to making this year an educational fun-filled year for the students, families, and staff.





My name is Cristina Maroja and I am the Office Assistant at Lincoln CDC. I hold a Business Administration degree from Brazil, my native country. I’ve been with the district as an employee for over 7 years, but my relationship with our district began way back in 2003 when my older child started attending Lincoln CDC preschool, opening the doors to a great experience for the entire family; as my second child also attended Lincoln CDC preschool. Now I have my turn at Lincoln CDC as your office assistant. My goal for our center is to help children, parents and staff maintaining an organized and safe environment. I love to be at your service and will use all resources available to make sure your CDC experience is as wonderful as mine was.

Socorro Stephens-Wallace
Site Supervisor
Cristina Maroja
Senior Office Assistant