Blanca Arencibia » Welcome to Pre-K Room 2

Welcome to Pre-K Room 2

Hello, my name is Blanca Arencibia-Kampa and I am the Pre-K teacher at Tulita Child Development Center. I have been working for Redondo Beach School District for the past 27 years at Tulita Child Development Center. I have my AA degree in Child Development and have worked in the field of education for 31 years. In 2013 I was honored by the school district and was awarded “Teacher of The Year”. I was born in Cuba and love to listen to Salsa music. I am Fluent in both Spanish and English. I have been married to my husband John for 29 years. I have a love for animals that I share with my class every year in teaching early on to be gentle and respect animals. Each year I organize a donation drive of food, towels, animal toys and blankets to our local animal shelter. My classroom philosophy is that learning occurs when children are in engaged in the process and outcome varies with each child. We respect and understand that not all learners are the same and use different strategies to address the different styles of learning. Parents are always welcome to volunteer in our classroom. I believe in open communication and I am always available to listen!!!

Hello, my name is Adriana Becerra and I am an instructional assistant in Pre-K Classroom, and a Redondo Beach native. I have worked for RBUSD for 20 years. My mother worked at Beryl as an English Language Learner Instructional aide and my father worked for RDUSD in the Maintenance Department for 30 years. I attended Beryl Elementary School and graduated from Redondo Union High school and so did my two daughters. Our family has a long standing connection with RBUSD! I have been married for 30 years and now that my daughters are all grown up, I enjoy walking my dog “Bentley” every evening. My years of working with preschool and kindergarten make coming to work fun each day. I am eager to work with your children and very excited to watch them grow into extraordinary individuals.

Hi, my name is Mackenzie Cowing and I am an instructional assistant in the Pre-K room. I am the newest member to Tulita CDC. I have been working with Children since I graduated high school in 2006. I’m a big outdoors enthusiast and love to camp in the forest, go hiking, rock climbing, off-road and really have a sense of adventure. I am a huge fan of country music and love to attend concerts of my favorite artist and line dance. I talk about my fur baby German Shepheard often so don’t be surprised if your children come home talking about my big guy “Chief”. I am grateful to stay connected to my hometown and be part of the RBUSD team!