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Room 26-CDC Kindergarten


For most of my life, I have worked around children: Watching the neighborhood kids when I was merely a kid myself; Moonlighting as a babysitter, while I studied Journalism at San Diego State University; Taking odd jobs at day cares and preschools while I freelanced for a small beach town rag during my senior year. Upon graduating from SDSU, I bee-lined for the Bay Area, and landed my first after school teaching job, at Convent of the Sacred Heart in San Francisco, while still writing on the side. Chasing leads and transcribing interviews kept me busy, but it was a career I wasn’t equipped for. Instead, I switched gears, and dedicated my time and energy to getting a multiple subject teaching credential at SFSU.

The path I have been on since I received my credential back in 2001, is what has led me directly, in one way or another, into Room 26 as your child’s Kindergarten CDC teacher. I am your child’s CDC teacher because of a recipe of sorts. It was the right portion of early-childhood-education classes, mixed up with 9 years’ experience as an early childhood educator, and a zest to relocate to Southern California. I not only took away a packed U-Haul, but some valuable lessons, from some very wise toddlers. They taught me to keep things simple, to always remember where children are developmentally, and to start every day in song.

Four years ago, I landed a job with RBUSD’s Child Development Center at Birney, teaching first and second graders. Becoming a proud Birney Bobcat was easy, working alongside so many hardworking individuals. Two summers ago, I was given the opportunity to work at Lincoln, and I graciously accepted. I come to you as a teacher who values the voice of every child. I come to you as a teacher who tries to practice what I preach by teaching through example. And I come to you as a teacher who seeks to make learning fun, by offering, more often than not, open ended activities. While there is a time and place for cookie cutter crafts, really learning is hampered when strict perimeters are enforced. I hope together, we can make this Kinder year, both memorable for your child, and make Room 26 a place your child will look forward to, every day they attend CDC.

-Patricia Trovato



My name is Sherinder Long. I am an Instructional Assistant for Redondo Beach Unified School District for 10 years. More recently, I have joined the Kindergarten team at Lincoln Child Development Center working afternoons in Rm. 26 with Mrs. Trovato and mornings with Ms. Moore in Rm. 25. What a wonderful experience I am having working side by side with two great teachers. I am a wife and a mother of 3 children. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family, going to church, reading, as well as traveling. I have always enjoyed working with young children, and I am a devoted Assistant with notable dedication to children’s learning experience and their developmental growth.