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1st Grade Lottery FAQs

CDC and Lotteries: Spring 2024

We know that there will be a lottery for next year’s 1st grade CDC. Why isn’t there room for my continuing kindergartner? 

Our goal as a program is to take as many kindergarten students as possible since it is a half-day program and there is no other option on campus. The amount of kinder and transitional kinder students impact the amount of space that we can offer in 1st grade. Instead of conducting a lottery for kinder and tk students, since there is no other option, we choose to take everyone and hold a lottery for 1st grade.


How is the amount of 1st grade space determined?

In February and March we have our re-enrollment of 1st - 4th grade students. Kinder/Transitional Kinder priority enrollment also occurs. Once we have the number of continuing students and incoming kindergarten/tk, we build our 1st-5th grade classrooms to the maximum ratio of 35:1 and kindergarten/tk at 30:1. Once that is complete, we can see how many spaces are available.


If we already attended this year and there was space for us, why is there no longer space?

The amount of incoming kindergarten/tk students determines space availability. So, if kinder enrollment is high, then there are fewer 1st grade spaces. If enrollment is low, then more 1st grade spots will be available.


Why don’t you hire more teachers to meet the demand?

Our teachers need to hold either a Child Development Permit or a Multiple Subject Credential issued by the state of California and our 1st – 5th grade positions are only 4 hours per day. We have found that part time work is hard to fill; however, we are recruiting in every capacity that we can.


When does the lottery take place?  What is the procedure for the lottery?

The lottery is planned for early May in order to give families time to plan for their childcare needs in August. All families who completed March priority enrollment and are interested in continuing in 1st grade will be included in the lottery. Employees and siblings will get priority and then the remaining names will be pulled one at a time until we are full. All remaining names will be placed on a waitlist in the order they are pulled. 


How do we know from year-to-year what our chances are for remaining in the CDC?

If you receive a spot through the lottery for 1st grade, you will have a spot that rolls over from year to year until you choose to withdraw or your child goes to middle school.  You must re-enroll each year by the deadline in order to keep your space in the program.


What are other options if we don’t get into the CDC?

There is another program on campus for 1st – 5th grade students that is run through the City of Redondo Beach Parks and Recreation Department. They can be reached at (310) 318-0610.  The school district also offers the State Mandated Expanded Learning Opportunity Program (ELOP) for eligible Unduplicated students.  You may contact [email protected] if you are uncertain whether or not your student qualifies.